Academic information system mainly do register students, staff/lecturers, takes exams results (both course works and final exams) for all students in related academic year and process them to get grade, remark, gpa and description. This makes easy for individual student to see his results.
1.LOGIN:Here student is required to enter login information correctly, for the first time loging student must use his/her REG NO as username and REG NO as password.
Example: Student with regno: XXXX/YYYY/ZZZZ must enter: XXXX/YYYY/ZZZZ as username and XXXX/YYYY/ZZZZ as password
For security reasons, students are advised to change their login information immediatelly after first login
2. CHANGING LOGIN INFORMATION:Here student is required to enter new login information correctly, that means he/she must enter username and password. The directions will follow in the next screens, where he/she must confirm typing username and password
3. UNIVERSITY FEE/SEMESTER DETAILS:Upon clicking this button, the information shown will indicate whether the respective student has paid the amount which is allowable for registering in comming semester (This is indicated by symbol "Y") OR has not paid fee (indicated by symbol "N"). Students are advised to contac burser if they see their financial information is not correct.
4. EXAM RESULTS:Exam results are shown by clicking the link to specific semester. Students are advised to contact examination officers if they see incorrect details in their exams' results
5. ONLINE REGISTRATION::On line registration is a way where students are allowed to register their courses for the comming semesters online. Students are advised to read carefully the given instructions before register any course. Students can also edit their courses for which have registered. Editing is done by typing the correct courses in the text boxes.
5. FURTHER HELP::You can ask for further help by contacting system admin through: OR Use Live Chat. Please do not come to any IT office physically
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